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The Art International.

The Art International a pioneer in the Indian Textile Industry was established in 1975. Our forefather started weaving on the loom in the early 1962s, long before India became and independent country. He started weaving in his home and before he knew it the business started to a family tradition. This early success with manufacturing and exporting to American consumers built a name for the business. Our uncompromised quality and unparalleled woven heritage never weavered despite the challenging business environment of the 1962’s in India. Dedication and innovative woven techniques have proven to last the test of time. In 2008 this multi generational family company became The Art International.

The Art International’ 45 year history, has continued to maintain the integrity of our heritage and craft. Our innovative, yet traditional weaving legacy has continued to grow our business into a modern day corporation. We currently have over 50 plus independent weavers as well as over 25 employed artisans. Our artisans are essential to our business. We support our weavers, their families and our community as we believe it is our responsibility to provide for our company. We continue to keep the craft active by passing down the skills to anyone who wants to learn. Our heritage continues to live on through our craftsman, and artisanal weavers. With their dedication to tradition and innovation, we move forward to share our love of rugs with the world.


Specialization In Customize Rugs.


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Feedback from our clients.

The Art International have a brilliant teams of professional who excel in there fields. The teams has knew very well warp and woof. The Art International represents Handmade/Handcrafted Carpets and Rugs Specially for Interior Designers. The products are so amazing. The Company have been done very satisfying Business with to me.

Anna Marie

TAI has created Exiquisite Handmade & Handcrafted carpet & Rug The Custom made rugs are dealing are unique patterns where is the designs, Shapes, Sizes & Colours. We created pics of art are in hand of interior at touch of panks in your any spaces. Comes to TAI explore your Handcrafted carpets and Rugs.

Carrie Livingston
Los Angeles California USA